Take Care Of Your Neighbor

let your heart speak


Take Care Of Your Neighbor is a foundation established to help our neighbor in need.

Charity is not only a slogan, but also an assignment!

We are a non-profit organization that provides assistance and support to people in humanitarian crisis. These are often refugees who live in a situation where the situation is not humane anymore. We help them by deploying financial and practical resources. We also want to make the public aware of the great need in the world and also to convince them of the need to obtain these resources so that they can be used in these situations.

What we do.

We are currently focusing on the Greek islands, like Samos and Lesbos. We want to provide refugees living on these islands with the essential necessities of life such as clothing, food, relaxation and education. For this we collect good (used) clothing and shoes, games and sports material, personal care products and everything that is needed at a certain moment. These collected items are distributed fairly, which is a priority for us.

In order to pay for things like transport and the purchase of goods, we carry out campaigns to recruit sponsors or ask people to make a donation. If possible, we work together with other organizations using the slogan: together we are strong.

Are you helping too?

The need is high and without the help of the NGOs things would be much worse for the refugees. People cannot go anywhere and are stuck on the islands. The situation is terrible and they desperately need our help! This is the reason that we have established Take Care Of Your Neighbor; to provide this help based on a positive and Christian conviction. But without your help we cannot do anything and we have to let these people struggle on their own.

Would you please help us and let your heart speak?