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After the messages about refugees started to control the media in 2015, we could not ignore them and committed ourselves to these refugees. The Netherlands also faced the large stream of people who were looking for a safe haven in our country.

The centres for asylum seekers sprouted like mushrooms, the COA (gouvernement agency for refugees) needed personnel urgently and there was also a need for numerous volunteers. By registering as an employee or volunteer, we came into contact with these refugees. With their sadness, their background stories, their culture and customs, but also with their cordiality and hospitality. Eventually we became more and more one with them.

At a later stage, the news of the overcrowded camps and abuses on the southern border of Europe also came in the news. There was a ‘drive’ to go there to help these people. After the so-called ‘Turkey deal’, the refugees got stuck in Greece. Traveling further into Europe has become impossible and the people could not go back either. In addition, the relief camps became overcrowded, which manifests itself in the most terrible living conditions you can imagine. In 2018 we went to Lesvos for a few weeks and we also saw these crises with our own eyes. We were able to get some great work done, but unfortunately always with way too few resources. The good cooperation between the aid organizations was wonderful to see and the gratitude of the residents of the camps made us feel ashamed.

The enormous need that prevails there, the lack of almost everything, the dull glances in the eyes of the children, but also the resilience of the people, the madness of Europe that makes all this happen, was the reason that we started to think about this ‘neighbor in need’. To help us to make this need known to a larger audience and to actually help to alleviate this need. Partly for these reasons, we have come to the start of a foundation: Take Care Of Your Neighbor. Hereby we do not lose sight of the Biblical assignment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Aid organizations have a diverse following. A group that gives money and resources to what an organization stands for. The supporters may be very diverse, but ultimately we are one in the goal if we work together as organizations: a (in all facets) humane life for these people. That is what we stand for and that is what we go for! Help us so we can help the people! Let your heart speak.

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