Are you helping too?

Do you also feel like the work of our foundation is so important and do you want to support our mission? You can! You can transfer your donation to NL23 RBRB 0778 2365 36 for Take Care Of Your Neighbor Foundation. Every euro is welcome and all amounts we receive are 100% spent on the work and purpose of the foundation. Help us to help our neighbor in need: let your heart speak!

You can also donate directly through our website. To give an indication of what amounts we are talking about:

– € 50: family tent
– € 25: small tent
– € 20: new mattress
– € 15: week breakfast for one person
– € 10: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, comb
– € 8: hot water bottle
– € 5: sleeping mat

Did you know that you can include Take Care Of Your Neighbor as a beneficiary in your estate? It is best to record this with your notary. If you want to set up an action to support our foundation, we would like to get in touch to discuss things and possibly offer a helping hand. We are open to all vibrant ideas.

We are very happy and grateful for your donation. Take action and help our neighbor in need!


Become sponsor.

We are open to people and companies who want to sponsor our Take Care Of Your Neighbor foundation. This is possible, for example, by sponsoring one of our projects, by taking on a specific action, by donating materials or by providing financial support. We are happy to help you with this! Mail to