The past period has been incredibly busy with the collection of unimaginable quantities of clothing. Great what a response we received to our call to donate clothing and the like to Take Care Of Your Neighbor for the refugees on Lesbos and Samos. And of course all these clothes had to be sorted completely. A ‘work-out’, but when you see all those stacked full boxes, it also gives a lot of satisfaction.

Extra help
Occasionally there is sometimes clothing with a loose knot (or completely missing), sometimes nice clothes but with a stain and sometimes there is a seam loose …. Driven as we are, we kept this apart because of that check again at a later time. Of course, nothing came of it because of crowds, until at one point a lady spontaneously came to the door and asked if she could do anything for our foundation. Whether she could do some hand and span services. Fantastic right? And so this friendly lady is busy with fastening knots etc. and a very welcome help for us. She has also been able to contribute to sorting and it is also very nice too. How nice, Kunja, that you want to do this for the refugees! The family also helps with sorting clothes, which we are naturally very happy with.

Collection of hygiene products
And then in the meantime an extra collection campaign came on our path … In collaboration with, among others, CRR and Huis van Liefde we held a ‘hygiene’ campaign. A collection of personal care products, such as diapers, sanitary pads, sunscreen, toothbrushes, deodorants, etc. This campaign was also met with mass response. Impressive what we were allowed to pick up at people’s homes! It is also great that people, who only have to make ends meet on benefits, nevertheless added one or two extra items to their shopping list each week in order to be able to donate to the refugees on the Greek islands. Admirable, right? (and maybe also embarrassing?)

Full trailers
Small collection addresses arise ‘in the country’ where we, every so often, may collect the items. People who use their own family, colleagues and network to collect things. Churches also spontaneously joined our call. This time the Irenekerk in Slikkerveer took the lead: no fewer than two full buses and a trailer were needed to collect these collected things … chapeau! Really super what is being launched in a few months. The team is extremely grateful for that!

On transport
We are also very grateful to the people and companies that have made a donation. Thanks in part to them, the transport was able to depart at the scheduled time and we were able to purchase additional products to also send them with the transport. Thank you! Thanks also to the other organizations, which together have done a tremendous amount of work to make this transport possible and for which we could make our contribution.

Spread the word
Familiarity is very important to us. The more people know about the work of Take Care Of Your Neighbor, the more people can support this work. So please tell your family and acquaintances and / or share the website and other messages from the foundation on your own facebook or other social media. In this way more people get involved in this important work in a short time! And so we can also mean more to our fellow human beings.

To Samos
Next week a packed transport will leave for the Greek island of Samos. The need is huge there and we are happy that we can do something about it quickly. D.V. May 16 we ourselves go to Samos to distribute these goods among the people and to make an inventory of what else we can offer help. Because even more help needs to be provided, it is certain. And that is why we continue to collect throughout the year.

Help with it!
We want to ask you to help us with this. If there are people who have an hour left and want to help with sorting or provide other hand and spanner services: sign up! Send a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. We take care of the coffee and the cake 🙂

We will, of course, keep you informed of our trip to Samos. Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page. We hope to show you how important the work we do on the Greek islands is. It is rewarding work. Work that you have contributed to! That gives a good feeling anyway, but more is needed. These people, who live in a terrible and hopeless situation, also need our prayer!