These piles of collected clothing will soon be moved to storage!

We are currently busy sorting out, among other things, the collected clothing and shoes. Really grand what we have all received! Often as good as new and sometimes there are indeed cards still attached to the clothing store … We also received a number of personal care products such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, but also maternity packages. Because yes, indeed, babies are born in the refugee camps. And how nice it is that we can provide the mothers with their little ones with everything they need.

We found storage!
Very spontaneously, other collection addresses have been created that collect for Take Care Of Your Neighbor from their family or group of friends! Amazing, right? Sorting and sorting is really a tough job, but we do it with love. We have recently found a bit more storage, so we can get a bit out of the house again…. There were about one hundred (!) Filled boxes and a number of bags of things in the house. We are happy that we can move that to storage. But not everything goes ‘in storage’. In mid-April another transport to the Greek islands leaves and we can give a lot again.

Clean your closet
At the moment we still get a lot of winter clothes, but that will soon turn into summer clothes, we estimate. Let spring come, as far as we are concerned. Then you can put the wardrobes back in order. And… we keep our recommendation when you tidy up everything for charity!

Purchasing mattresses, buggies etc.
We are regularly asked by the work field on the islands whether we can also purchase new things. Suddenly, for example, there is a lack of children’s underwear, mattresses or buggies or there is a lack of school material for the children. Then it’s nice that we can afford it and buy it locally on the islands (that’s how we stimulate the local economy!). We are therefore dependent on donations and sponsors … Highly recommended! Help us so we can help!

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