Dear people,

After a long and uncertain period, in which it was difficult to properly carry out the work of the Take Care Of Your Neighbor foundation, we are extremely happy and grateful that we can scale up the activities again. The virus is not yet out of the world, but with due observance of the rules and recommendations of the RIVM, we will start collecting again and we will also take action again.

Useful documents
You can find all the information under the Collect menu. Read that information really carefully: there are some changes. You will also find useful tools there, such as documents and images that you can use if you want to take an action yourself. You can simply download and / or print it out and hand it out to family, circle of acquaintances, or, for example, to your fellow students at school. You can use the images on your social media by posting them on your timeline or, for example, in your story. We can’t make it easier, can we?

From now on, messages will regularly be posted on our Facebook page. These may of course also be shared: the more publicity is given to the actions, the better! And so you can also follow where your donation ends up; how transparent do you want it?

Hygiene in the camps
Unfortunately, the need in the refugee camps is still terribly high! There, too, one has to deal with the limitations that the coronavirus entails. This means that (too) few volunteers can work in the camps. Hygiene has always been an issue, but now with the threat of the virus it’s even bigger. Partly because of this, hygiene products are very important to hand out; and for us to collect!

Winter clothing
At the moment we are focussing on the winter items in terms of clothing. Before the cold and wet weather arrives, we want to have the winter items at their destination already, so that they can be distributed immediately. As you can read at the Collect menu, we don’t just take everything. There are plenty of items that are not in demand at all in the camps or where the warehouses are already ‘full’ with them. So take a good look at the collection list. Print it out if necessary and hang it up!

We hope for a very pleasant cooperation with all parties again and we are happy and grateful that you want to contribute again. Each in his or her own way; then we will get there!


Team Take Care Of Your Neighbor