Help unaccompanied minor refugees after the fire at camp Moria, Lesvos

Great joint action

You have probably seen the images in the news: a huge fire has almost completely destroyed the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Thousands of people sleep on a blocked section of the highway, without any shelter. The clothes they are wearing are all they have left. Many relief goods and NGO projects have also been destroyed. In addition to material damage, there is also a lot of personal suffering. Parents have lost their children, people are missing, injured or worse. Right now we want to work with a major joint action for the most vulnerable group of refugees: the children traveling alone.

Sponsored biking trip
D.V. Saturday September 26, the 14th edition of the Sponsored Biking Trip will be held. The goal is to raise an amount of € 15,000 for this group. The Dutch Tirza focuses with her team from the Better Days Foundation on minors who are on the run without a father or mother. This currently concerns more than 600 boys and girls, who are therefore in miserable and dangerous conditions. Already traumatized by the war and violence in their home country, many are now suffering new trauma because they are barely looked after. That is why that pediatricians and doctors raise alarm. Some of them have panic attacks and even harm themselves. Tirza sees it as her calling to provide this group with psychological help. With Better Days she will also create sleeping places for these young people, so that they are under their care and in their sight. By offering psychological help and providing a safe place, they provide necessary help to these children.

Where does the money go?
With the Sponsored Biking Trip, organized by our friends of the Hands & Feet Foundation, we want to collectively raise € 15,000:

  • The first € 5,000 goes to psychological help for the minors. Since mid-August, a group of 60 young people has received education and lessons so that they can grow mentally and socially. Classes focus on social and emotional support, communication skills and personal development, as well as psychomotor therapy and creative classes.
  • Many of the children traveling alone live among the olive groves outside the camp, without any electricity or sanitation. Everything above € 5,000 therefore goes to the renovation of Rub Hall, a large tent measuring 10 by 25 meters. After the renovation, this should be a decent place to sleep for young refugees traveling alone. A very important effect of this is that Better Days keeps an eye on the minors, so that the asylum procedure is not delayed and that action is taken appropriately in case of high-risk incidents. Together we aim to contribute € 10,000 to the renovation. Especially now that so much has been destroyed by the fire, a decent and safe shelter is urgently needed!

When you hear the stories about these children, your heart breaks. The Better Days Foundation is a solid organization that works transparently, but more importantly: gives itself completely to these minor children.

Wat kan ik doen?
Gezamenlijk willen we de noodzakelijke hulp aan de minderjarige vluchtelingen helpen te financieren. In totaal is het doel €15.000 op te halen. Hiermee helpen we 600 kinderen, oftewel omgerekend een bedrag van €25 per kind. We hopen van harte dat u en jij een bijdrage zou willen doen!

Sponsoren en doneren kan op rekening NL23  RBRB 0778 2365 36 t.n.v. Take Care Of Your Neighbor o.v.v. ‘sponsortocht minderjarigen’. Of klik op de doneerknop hieronder!

Thank you for your involvement, we hope for your support!

Kind regards, on behalf of the Take Care of Your Neighbor team:
Leo Monster

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Hands & Feet Foundation for the Better Days Foundation.