Dear people,

Due to the circumstances in our country, with regard to the corona virus, we are no longer collecting anything from this moment on. We politely ask you to keep your belongings for a while until it can be taken again. There are also people among us who work in healthcare, and we also have our responsibility towards them. We hope for your understanding and wish you all the very best at this time!

The refugee camps on the Greek islands are basically in lockdown. Many aid workers have recently left because of the tense situation. A handful of volunteers try to do their utmost to provide refugees with the most necessary. The situation is precarious. The inhabitants of the overcrowded camps now have to do everything themselves, which is of course not possible at all. Facilities were already at a very low level and that has only gotten less. We are really anxious about this situation; also regarding the corona virus! Hygienic conditions are below zero …. In addition, people are also packed together … No contact with each other is almost impossible …
We ask for your support and prayer during this difficult time for the refugees and also for the volunteers!

Fortunately, many relief goods can also be purchased locally. We also urgently ask for your support in the form of a donation. That way we can still provide the refugee families with the necessary goods. Think in this case, for example, diapers, sanitary towels, underwear, food, vitamins (!), soap and other factually indispensable things.

You can transfer your donation to NL23 RBRB 0778 2365 36 in the name of Take Care Of Your Neighbor Foundation or click here to donate immediately!

Thank you!